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Jewel Staite Reveals Funniest Stargate/Firefly Cast Member + More!
(Jewel Staite, Blastr, 05 March 2013)

Why, hello, Blastr. Something's changed. Did you get a haircut? Lose weight? Get lucky? Whatever it is, you look fabulous.
OMG soooo much has happened since you heard from me last! All right, nothing's happened. My TV show The LA Complex bit the dust, so I'm back to the grind of finding yet another TV show in the vortex of Hell known as pilot season. On any given day, you can find me auditioning to play the role of hot werewolf/petulant lawyer/sexy MD who's in love with her boss/wronged wife/supportive girlfriend of guy in the mob. Eventually they all blend into one and I end up having dreams where I'm giving a court deposition in defence of my mob-surgeon boyfriend while holding a defibrillator and sprouting copious amounts of chest hair.
Sorry, what day is it again?
Suffice it to say, darlings, my wine collection's looking mighty sparse. As these things go, sooner than later the right fit will come along and I'll be back to working a million hours a week, so I'm trying to enjoy this little period of rest by getting pedicures, socializing like a butterfly, doing lots of yoga and making the men that love me pay for dinner (hi, honey!). Oh, and answering your questions, which you so kindly sent my way via Twitter. We're going to go ahead and ignore Michael Shanks' "What are you wearing?" question, because he probably knows it's sweatpants, as well as Paul McGillion's "Is that a glass of red or white in your hand?" question because he knows the answer to this depending on the hour of the day. Let's commence:
If you could go back in time and relive one moment of your life, what would it be and why?
I'd relive that time I decided it was a good idea to eat three bowls of corn with the flu and then threw up corn for a day and now I have a phobia against it and look like a weirdo when I'm at barbecues where everyone's eating corn and I'm breathing through my mouth to keep from gagging. Also, that time I met Matthew Fox and sounded like I was missing brain cells.
Were there ever any romances between cast members on Firefly or Stargate: Atlantis?
Not that I know of. Jason Momoa had the hots for a mirror for a while (rightly so), and Gina Torres always looked at me a little funny, but can you blame her? I'd say the closest I came was the platonic romance between girl and gay best friend that still burns like the flames at a Beyonce concert. You are the Thelma to my Louise, Sean Maher.
How do you keep getting prettier?
Hi, Dad.
Standing in the soul-searing presence of the divine, what boon do you request of her?
"Can I have a side of mayo?"
Name three actors with whom you would love to work with but have yet to work with.
Clint Eastwood, Jodie Foster, Lumiere the candlestick from Beauty and the Beast.
If you became independently wealthy, would you still act?
Yeah. From my yacht docked off the island I own in the movie I'm funding where the plot consists of Channing Tatum dancing for me and my friends for three hours while we guzzle Cristal. Box. Office. Smash.
Which Stargate/Firefly cast member was funniest off-camera?
David Hewlett was unintentionally funny because he would whine and get really grumpy when he got hungry, and I find his grumpy demeanour to be my favorite demeanour. Seriously, next time you see him, try starving him: you'll laugh your ass off. Nathan Fillion was the court jester who would do just about anything for a laugh (and always got one outta me -- still does), but I always found Morena Baccarin to be unexpectedly, hilariously dry. Mostly because she was really uncomfortable in what they made her wear all the time, and when she's uncomfortable, she's pretty grumpy. Grumps make me laugh. That grumpy cat thing circulating all over the Internet is a daily source of amusement for me. Did you see him dressed as the Pope? Hahahahahaha I need a job.
Favorite restaurant?
Mama's Fish House. Transcendent. Decadent. On a beach, in Maui. I also really enjoy In-n-Out Burger and the french fries at a local spot here by the name of McDonalds.
If you could pick one movie for Hollywood to remake with you starring in it, what would it be?
I'm going with a recent pick, so Les Miserables. Because I'm a musical theatre loser nerd who knows every word to Les Mis and I don't care if you hated it, I loved it and would have died to be a part of it. If that takes away whatever cool cred I have left in your mind, then so be it!I AM A NERD! TWO FOUR SIX OH OOOOOOONE!
Paul Newman once said, "Acting is in my blood and I can't ignore it even if I try." Do you feel the same way about your career?
Why else am I driving myself insane through pilot season right now? Sure, the money's peachy and the perks are super fun, but aside from that, it's the thing that makes me the happiest. Really. Even more than burgers and shoes. It's all I've ever done as a job, and it's all I would ever want to do. I adore it, it fuels me, and it gives me a high that is totally indescribable. I'm pretty lucky to have made my passion into a career. I wish that for everybody. 
Okay, I gotta memorize this weepy girl-next-door monologue.
Be good.
xo Jewel
Jewel Staite: My Most Embarrassing Costume, David Hewlett's Teeth + More
(By Jewel Staite, Blastr, 29 October 2012)
Oh hi, Blastr. Guess what? I'm on hiatus from The LA Complex! Which means I get to sleep in every day! And eat whatever I want! And bug you with my idiocy! Aren't you thrilled? Didn't you miss me? (Okay, just pretend like you missed me.)
In all honesty, the past month has been nuts. Besides wrapping up the show and packing up my very well lived-in hotel room, I moved houses in Vancouver and somehow flew around the globe for four conventions in the middle of it all. I'm tired. My friends who helped me move are even more tired. For the rest of the year, my deviant plan is to do nothing but watch a boatload of television from the comfort of my own brand new couch. No more trips. Except one to wine country, maybe. Or Mexico. I dunno. Fact of the matter is, it's time to relaaaaaaaax.
And what's more relaxing than answering your crazy questions? You guys have really lost the plan this time.
1. If you had a time machine and could visit any historical event, which snack would you bring?
WHAT? That's the most ridiculous question I've ever heard! Pringles, obviously.
2. Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?
(I'd like to point out that this question is from someone named Drunken John, which probably means we're related.)
All depends on the size of the duck. Size matters. (Ah—thank you.) I'd say 100 duck-sized horses, only because the bill of that horse-sized duck could do some damage to my money-maker. This is truly a very difficult question best pondered over hallucinogens. I'll come back to this later.
3. What would you do that "Raquel" from The LA Complex would never do?
Apologize. Just joking! I think it's more about what would "Raquel" do that I would never do, which is quite the list. That list is about as long as the list of apologies I have to make.
4. Did David Hewlett ever try slipping you the tongue on set?
Judging by the fact that he still has all his teeth, that would be a no.
5. What qualities do you look for in a guy? Intelligence? Height? Humour? Good Credit?
All of those things are nice. I'm a big fan of scientists. My mother taught me that the geeks shall inherit the earth, and she ain't wrong. But mostly they just have to laugh at my jokes and buy me shoes.
6. What is the alternate vector for a slingshot landing on Venus?
Pretty sure I skipped the class in school that would have given me any inkling of this. So I'm gonna go with Beyonce. Final answer.
7. What's the most embarrassing costume you've ever had to wear for a project?
I wore a rainbow wig once for a TV show that I've never quite lived down. I was 12 then, so I thought it was pretty sick. Now, not so much. Rainbow wig jokes get old when you're 30, which I am not ... So in ten years, those jokes have gotta stop.
8. Death being imminent, would you donate live tissue for cloning? You know, for future Jewelies and Kaylees?
I'd like to keep my tissues to myself, please. The only things I am not opposed to cloning are my cocker spaniel, Maui pineapples and the cast of Magic Mike.
9. You'll be abducted by aliens in 24 hours. You are now invisible, mute, and can teleport anywhere on earth. What do you do next?
Well, robbing banks is kinda moot since the cash isn't going to do me any good on the alien spacecraft. Shopping is sort of pointless since I'm pretty sure alien probing is done in the nude. Also, why am I mute in this scenario? Are you saying I talk too much? And are these aliens ala Contact or aliens ala Alien? Because these things make a huge difference. I'm gonna go with the 1 duck-sized horse.
10. You're called up to join The Avengers. How does the interview go?
Swimmingly, until we pass the wit and repartee part with Tony Stark and move onto the combat portion of the interview, where the Black Widow knocks me out. And then Mal shows up and shoots her in the face.
Okay, nutters, signing off until next time. Be good.
Jewel Staite: Fantasy Comic-Con Auction, Firefly Audition And More
(By Jewel Staite, Blastr, 11 June 2012)
Yep, they're still asking me to do this. How are you, Internets? Miss me?
I've been up in Toronto, the land of ice wine-making, hipster-glasses wearing, "centre of the world"-gloating gorgeous people I've come to know and love, and I'm having just about the best time.
We're smack-dab in the middle of shooting season two of The LA Complex, so I'm in full-on "Raquel" mode, strutting around in more circulation-defying dresses, mocktail in hand, giving everyone the gears and spiralling ever-further into a deliciously deep hole, all for the sake of your viewing entertainment. I'm having the time of my life.
For those of you living under a rock, you can catch up on all six episodes of the first season on Hulu before season two starts airing July 17th. Fair warning: this show gets under your skin like an addictive, dirty, shameful, Iwantitneedithavetohaveit itch. Crack out at your own risk. I hope you love it as much as we love doing it, because as we all know, nothing beats getting paid to do what you love. And boy do I love what I do. Almost as much as I love Channing Tatum.
Since it's been awhile, I figured you might have some especially creative questions to ask me on the old Twitter, and I sure wasn't wrong. I'm gonna go ahead and skip the age-old "When's Nathan going to have you on Castle?" because I figure at this point I'll just wait for the remake. Called Ricki Castle, starring Jewel Staite. Nathan may or may not be asked to guest star. It's all depending on Jason Bateman's availability.
On to your questions:
If you opened an all-you-can-eat buffet, what would you serve there?
Sliders. The only thing better than a cheeseburger, in my mind, is when they're mini. Because you can justify having more than one. And trust me, I can take down a lot of sliders. Also, this slider buffet would be accompanied by copious amounts of prosecco poured by white shirt/black suspender-wearing young Italian gentlemen. I don't care if it doesn't make sense. It's my damn buffet.
When you get a liver transplant, will you auction the old one off at the next Comic Con?
Absolutely. As long as it was packaged in a Tiffany blue box and was auctioned off for more money than Chris Judge's. I promise you, my old one would still work better than his.
Do you prefer innuendo drenched in sarcasm or loaded with pretentious expectation?
What? Sorry, I'm still thinking about the Italian gentlemen. I'm gonna go with pretentious sarcasm on this one I think. Aw hell, any innuendo is good innuendo.
Would "Raquel" audition for the part of "Kaylee" in Firefly? Would she take it if she was offered it?
Raquel would audition for just about anything at this point, but she wouldn't book the part in a million years. "Kaylee" was all heart, and Raquel has a rather massive ugly hole in hers. But she'd campaign like the devil for it anyway. Seriously, I'm pretty sure Raquel would eat a kitten for an Oscar.
What's one thing you want all your fans to know?
That I'm bloody-well grateful for every last one of you. Thank you for sticking with me. That's all you really need to know, and I'm going to keep reminding you of it all the time. I'm extremely appreciative. Also, I'm a 39 1/2 in Jimmy Choo shoes.
Until we meet again, I'll just be over here watching the Magic Mike trailer.
Jewel Staite: Firefly's Kaylee Vs. Stargate's Keller: Who'd Win?
(By Jewel Staite, Blastr, 19 January 2012)
Dear Reader Who's Probably Forgotten About Me Now:
Them was a lotta caps!
So yes, I've been super scarce. It's embarrassing really, all this flitting around the world I've been having to do, for both personal and professional commitments.
Maui for the holidays was all personal, mostly because of the personal beef I had to pick with a mai tai (or ten), followed by an incessant inquiry on just how many surfers it takes to screw in a lightbulb ... Man, oh man, is that a whole 'nother blog. Maui!
But more importantly, I want to tell you what I spent the rest of last year doing, 'cause I'm rather stoked about it, guys. My pal Martin Gero from the good ol' Stargate: Atlantis days wrote six amazing episodes of a little show that had no name for the better part of 2011. But we can now safely say it's called The L.A. Complex, a gritty, edgy, funny, sexy, all-too-real TV series about the goings-on behind the scenes in Hollyweird. Sometimes it hits so close to home, it scares the Versace right off me. But that's what I love about it.
I play a sneaky little vixen named Raquel, a slightly past her ingenue days, a former child star who's itching to get back up to the top and will do just about anything (anyone?) to get there. She's fierce and maybe a teeny bit mental. And I love her. If you're lucky enough to live in the great white Canadian north, you can catch The L.A. Complex on MuchMusic every Tuesday night at 9, but for those of you living in the US and A (it's never too late for a Borat reference!), you can see it on The CW later this year.
And you'll want to, trust me. One word: spaceships.
Okay, there are no spaceships this time, I lied. Lemme try again.
One word: pleather. Just as good?
But what I'm really here for is to answer your questions, as per usual. And some of you are out your minds.
Was there ever a part you really wanted to get? Or one you wished you stayed away from?
Yes. And ohhhhh, yes.
Have you ever done or will you ever do nude scenes?
If I say yes to the former, will you watch The L.A. Complex? Honestly, I'm not opposed to them in general as long as they're not completely gratuitous, and if they make sense and carry the story forward. Having said that, I prefer showing a side boob/cheek than the whole whammy. Basically, I'd rather do something half-assed. No pun intended. Oh, who am I kidding ... Pun always intended.
If you were a stalker, would you be any good at it?
That is a question for Channing Tatum. CHANNINGILOVEYOU
Would you rather be attacked by one horse-sized duck, or twelve duck-sized horses?
I'm worried about you, Morena.
If you were a fruit, what kind would you be and why?
Ever heard of a durian? It's got one heck of a thorny husk, but once you crack it open, it's quite soft and sweet on the inside. It's an acquired taste. Furthermore, it's known as the "king of fruits" in Southeast Asia. And you know how I feel about being likened to royalty.
Kaylee vs. Keller, the ultimate death match: Who wins?
That's kinda like saying "My Little Pony vs. Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks: Who wins?" But I think it's safe to say Kaylee's friends fight dirtier. So, Kaylee. (P.S.: They also have a cooler ship. I don't care if it doesn't go under water. Think Atlantis can pull a Crazy Ivan? I don't frigging think so.)
What's your beauty routine? You haven't aged a day!
Well, so glad you asked! I'm fanatical about moisturizers and eye creams and facials and all those other freaky things vain people do. Drink water, wash your makeup off, get lots of sleep, blah blah blah. Or just take vacations and treat yourself and laugh a lot. Question for you: What's your address so I can send you the check I owe you?
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if the species that won the race for global dominance had not been us, but woodchucks?
...... Is this Adam Baldwin?
What's your favorite comfort food, both homemade and gourmet?
If you're a reader of Happy Opu (and if you're not, you're dead to me), then you know I'm a big fan of comfort food. I've never met a bowl of pasta I couldn't take down, and me and a meatloaf be likethis. But my very favorite gourmet comfort food would have to be the individual lobster pot pie from Michael Mina in Las Vegas. I may have pounded the table with my fist in blissful outrage with every bite of that stupid pie. I dream about it. Almost as much as I dream about Channing. And as far as homemade goes, I make a mean butternut squash four cheese macaroni. Guys, I'm sort of a dream girl.
What's your favorite thing about Vancouver?
If you've missed last year's news, I've recently moved back to Vancouver, the place of my birth, my subpar education, my dreams, my aspirations, my first fake ID ... What!! Mom, I'm joking! Hahahaha!! I love Vancouver. Every time I'm away for too long, I forget just how beautiful it is. And then on the way into the city from the airport, the downtown core appears with those ridiculously pretty mountains behind it, and I swear my heart flutters. Cheesy, but true. It's laid back and cosmopolitan all at the same time. We've got crazy good restaurants, hot yogis, beaches, ski hills, even our very own wine country a few hours away. Plus, actresses who answer your questions and stuff. I be here, too.
That's all she wrote for now ... Check in with me on the old Twitter for our next rendezvous, dahlings. Muah.
When The End Of The World Comes, Jewel Staite's Hitting The Beach
(By Kathie Huddleston, Blastr, 12 August 2011)
Actors Jewel Staite and A.J. Buckley admit they wouldn't mind if their new Syfy movie, Doomsday Prophecy, had a different title.  "The working title I think was Doomsday Scrolls," said Staite.  When she heard that there were plans to change the name of the movie, "I was like, 'Well, what are we going to change it to? Like Doomsday Octopus? Snakehead Doomsday Terror?' Yes, I was sort of hoping for one of those titles, but obviously it wouldn't make sense," she joked.
Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), no octopus or snakehead critters pop up in Doomsday Prophecy, which follows the adventures of a book editor (Buckley) and an archaeologist (Staite) who join forces to save the world after the editor gets hold of a device that allows him to see a future geological nightmare that threatens to tear Earth apart. The Syfy original movie premieres Saturday, Aug. 13, at 9 p.m.
Staite and Buckley chatted with journalists during a conference call about their new movie, past projects and what they hope to be doing if doomsday ever manages to become more than a Syfy movie.  "If you're into 2012's coming and any sort of conspiracy, Doomsday Prophecy definitely touches [on those things]," said Buckley. "It's a fun little film. I think people would really enjoy watching it. It's action-packed."  "This is a fun, crazy movie. ... It's a disaster movie. Who doesn't love disaster movies? I know I do. ... It's one of those sci-fi movies that you sit back on a Saturday night with your bowl of popcorn and you zone out and you have fun," Staite said.
"These sci-fi movies are a lot of fun to do. They're a riot. I'd done a sci-fi movie before called Mothman. Everybody knows it. Award-winning," joked Staite. "And I had so much fun on that shoot. I had a blast. So I knew that I was going to have a good time" on Doomsday Prophecy.  When it comes to Buckley's book editor character, "he didn't really know his past, and has had somewhat of a troubled life growing up. Bounced from home to home, but wasn't really connected to anyone that he could remember. And this journey that he goes on, I think, answers a lot of questions for him really quickly. Of course, the end of the world is coming, so he realizes that he's the guy that has to do this. And he needs a partner in crime ... has to be Jewel. I'm like, 'Sweet, this is going to be fun.' And it is our job to save the world."
As for Staite's archaeologist character, "the thing that I like about Brooke is that she reminded me a lot of Dr. Keller, who I played in Stargate: Atlantis. She's very much in her element when she's at work. When she's on a dig, she's totally relaxed. She's very smart, and she's really in her element. But when she's not and she's in these crazy situations, she goes into panic mode. And that's the way I am, too. I don't deal with any kind of peril very well. And it's always really important to me to play that as real as possible," she said.  "I like that she's not a hero. She's a reluctant hero. And at the end of the day, she has to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done," added Staite.
While the actors admit they had a blast when it came to filming Doomsday Prophecy, there were some challenges they faced.  "I get really nervous—A.J.'s going to laugh—I get really nervous around guns. And a lot of the time ... I get put in these sci-fi movies and whatnot where I'm battling various alien races. And they put a gun in my hand and I have to look like I know what I'm doing," she said.  "So for this one, every time a gun was aimed at me, I would go into panic mode, especially since they were giving the gun to Rick Ravanello, who plays Henning in the movie. I mean, anytime you hand an actor—who's not really trained in weaponry—a loaded gun, you get a little nervous, even if it is blanks. I don't care. I definitely had to curb my anxiety somewhat."  Buckley added: "And I think probably my challenging thing is when a gun was pointed at Jewel, I was trying not to laugh, because she was freaking out so much, and we're trying to play the panic. And she keeps freaking out."
Staite, who's a veteran of Firefly and Stargate Atlantis, and Buckley, who's known for his work on CSI: NY and Supernatural's Ghostfacers, agree that they love working on sci-fi projects.  "The more that I've done it, the more that I want to keep doing it. I would love to—like with CSI, whenever that ends — I would love to go into some sort of sci-fi series or thing," said Buckley. "There's unbelievable sci-fi shows that are out there. So I would jump at the opportunity to continue in that world. And going back to what we were saying with the fan base and how much they follow you on that, when you get that love and respect from people it makes you want to continue in that genre and do good work for them."  In fact, he wouldn't mind returning to Ghostfacers, the comic Supernatural take on Ghost Hunters. "To get to do more Ghostfacers would be unbelievable," he said. "One of the most fun characters I think I've had the privilege of playing is definitely the Ghostfacers. I love playing these guys."
Staite agrees that sci-fi has been good to her. "As an actor I just look for really fun characters to play. And a lot of really well-written female characters happen to be in sci-fi. I mean, it just works out that way," she said. "But I do know a lot of actors that are kind of chomping at the bit to get in with the sci-fi fans, so to speak, because they really are so loyal. And as an actor this kind of stuff is fun to do. It's fun to stretch and go beyond the limits of your imagination and just be in these crazy situations that you have to play out. It's always an adventure every day. And that's why I like staying in this genre so much."
When asked about her work on Firefly and Stargate Atlantis, Staite had this to offer: "In terms of which show had a bigger impact on my life, I mean, Stargate was obviously a longer job. I was on that job for three years, and I got to shoot in my hometown for a whole three years and see my family and see my friends and sleep in my own bed, which is really great. ... But with Firefly, it feels like unfinished business. It's like, you know, when you have this really amazing love affair with someone and then you break up over something stupid and you can't stop thinking about them and you always wonder, 'What if?' It's sort of like that."
"We're still holding out [for another movie]," she added. "In Nathan [Fillion]'s big media room, we sit around and listen to Nathan talk about winning the lottery, which I think he said in the press at some point. And he was like, 'If I win the lottery I'm going to buy the rights to Firefly and we're going to make another movie.' And we're all like, 'Whatever, Nathan.' ... There is no bigger Firefly fan than Nathan Fillion, let me tell you."  In the meantime, Staite's present gig is Doomsday Prophecy, and she's thrilled to continue making Syfy originals and hanging out in Nathan Fillion's big media room.  And if the end of the world actually does roll around? "Just in case the world ends, let me tell you, I'm going to be sitting on a beach in Maui with a Mai Tai in my hand. That's exactly what I'm going to be doing," said Staite.  "I will be right there too," added Buckley.  "And we're not joking."
Jewel Staite: How I Feel About Stargate's End And More!
(By Jewel Staite, Blastr, 15 May 2011)
Guess what time it is? Time to watch the Royal Wedding footage again? No, silly! Time for more ramblings from me, Kate Middleton's best friend Jewel Staite! (Okay, not really. But I'm working on it.) 
So just to catch you up, the last couple of months have been spent here in sunny Los Angeles, taking some much-needed R&R after the whirling dervish that was pilot season. I think I read so many scripts and became so many different people, it took me a couple of weeks just to remember whether it was me who actually liked jam on my toast or not. (I don't.) Once the dust settled and the cobwebs cleared and the wine fridge got emptied, I was ready to get back to being my creative old self. Only problem was, this town was so dead, I think I saw an actual tumbleweed roll by on Hollywood Boulevard. Or maybe that was some poor girl's hair extension gone awry. Either way, I had to find something else to do besides get massages and wine-taste.
Lucky for me, and unlucky for him, David Hewlett was just as bored to tears as I was. So we decided to embark on a little super secret project of our own. I can't tell you much about it, except that you may quite possibly love it. Or you may hate it, in which case, I'm going to go and join that tumbleweed in the middle of the road. Or move to England to be closer to Kate, whichever. Regardless, wish us luck, will you? And hopefully we'll be able to show you something soon!  Aside from that, it looks like I'll be heading out to the Midwest next month for some special appearances! Look for me in Omaha, Nebraska at "Contagion," happening June 10th-12th, as well as in Tulsa, Oklahoma for "Tulsa Trek" June 24th-26th with flippin' George Takei! Also, any and all fabulous restaurant recommendations for both cities can PLEASE and thank you be sent my way to
Maybe I'll even blog about your recommendation! Unless it's McDonalds or something, in which case, we need to get you out more.  At any rate, you sure as heck had a lot of great and hilarious questions for me to answer this time around, you cuties, you! I've picked ten for now:
What's the strangest request you've ever gotten from a fan at a convention?
Oh, how hard it is to whittle this down to just one ... I gotta say, being asked to sign someone's scythe is always a bit weird. I mean, why do you own a scythe in the first place? Are you a farmer who dresses in a floor length black pleather pantsuit on your off days? Or another good one was when someone asked me to sign a blank check. I mean, I was born at night but not last night. But for the most part, the people I meet at conventions are pretty darn sweet. And I'm happy to oblige them in almost any special request—operative word here being "almost".
Has the characters you've played ever specifically changed your personality or outlook on life?
Well, I'm not really sure. I bet my friends and family could tell you better than I could if a job or specific character really changed me or not. I tend to think that every long-standing character an actor plays has some sort of effect on their personality. But then again, I'm one of those actors who doesn't like to take work home with me and doesn't really get the whole "method acting" thing. It's just a job, after all, like anything else, albeit a really fun one. But I will say playing Dr. Keller sure did give me a new appreciation for brain surgery. That @#&! is hard.
What are you wearing?
The rainbow wig from Space Cases.
What currently running sci-fi show would you love to make a guest appearance on?
I'm still holding out for a guest appearance on Sanctuary, because I miss Amanda Tapping and I love the snot out of her. It would also be fun to guest star on V, so Morena and I could get into some sort of duel. But, like, a duel we actually get paid for, for once. And then go out to dinner after. I'm also really digging the new version of Being Human, and not just because my friend Meagan's on it. (Hi, gorgeous!) Ghost duel?
Why do you always have to be so awesome?
Gosh, I know, right? Soooo annoying!
Does Adam Baldwin smell like whiskey and old leather?
Hysterical! Honestly, I don't know if I've ever actually gotten a big whiff of Adam. I'm guessing more cognac and expensive high-end Italian leather, though ... I'll get back to you.
Every time a show you're connected to/participate in gets canceled, what are your thoughts and feelings?
Ever seen the movie Groundhog Day?
Do you find it difficult to be an actor who also has an addiction to good food?
This is gonna sound super crazy, guys, but: actors eat. They really, truly do. Actually, a lot of us tend to turn into foodies because we're always traveling to different cities and looking for restaurants to eat in. I don't think anything's wrong with indulging in a tasting menu every once in a while, but I'm a big fan of moderation. I think if you're going to become a wee bit food obsessed, you also have to have a healthy obsession with working out, which I do. I have to do something physically active every day or I sort of go insane. My go-to exercise of choice is a thing here in LA called Pilates Plus, which is a pilates cardio strength training hybrid of sweaty, intense, calorie-burning hell I do for an hour four times a week. And then I go and eat hot dogs.
In real life, who would you choose: Mal or Simon?
What are your feelings about the Stargate franchise coming to an end?
Honestly, I can't really believe it's actually over. I've been lucky enough to be a part of a lot of cast and crews over the years, but I can truly say I'll always look back on my time on SG:A with a special kind of fondness. That show was a total dream job for me—shooting in my hometown, sleeping in my own bed every night, working with a fabulous and hilarious cast and crew who made me laugh on an hourly basis, being handcuffed and kidnapped in the woods ... Well, maybe not so much on that last part. Truthfully, I was accepted with open arms into that family, and I will always be so incredibly grateful and proud to be a part of it. And I hope the fans are proud, too, of all of those seasons of television they helped get produced. Without them, it wouldn't have gone on as long as it did, and I really hope they know that. It's their show more than it was ever ours, and I'm just so thankful I got to be along for the ride.
On that sappy note, I'm off to blow my nose! Thanks once again, internet world, for reading my blathering. See you next time.
XO Jewel
Jewel Staite: What Nathan Fillion Stole From The Set Of Firefly
(By Jewel Staite, 23 March 2011)
Yes, it's been two months! I know! I'm lazy and fickle and I forget that you're out there, pining terribly for my next blog entry! You are, aren't you? Don't answer that.  I've been caught up in yet another whirlwind lately, this time one full of house guests, scripts piled to the ceiling to read/memorize, and, because I'm a complete moron, a move to another house right in the middle of it all. To say I'm exhausted and spent is an understatement. But the good news is, we're settled in to our lovely new abode, we've spent some time with some amazing friends, I'm feeling creatively inspired, and all I can hear is the sweet sound of silence. And the occasional weeping coming from Paul McGillion while he watches The Biggest Loser. Paul hasn't quite left yet.
In other news, my food/drink/public declaration of gluttony blog is up and running at Opu means tummy in Hawaiian, and growing up, my grandmother's not-so-subtle way of commenting on somebody's expanding midsection was "Well, he sure has a happy opu..." So in homage to her, happy opu seemed like the perfect name. And now I have an actual excuse to be eating the way I do all the time, which is a relief. I'm now also one of those ass-hats who takes pictures of food in restaurants, too, which is a humiliation I've had to come to terms with in order to please my readers. See what I do for you people? But it really has been fun. Especially when the people who work in those restaurants think you're somebody special and start giving you free stuff. Maybe I need a shoe blog so I can start getting free shoes!  All right. More importantly, your questions:
1. Who is your favorite science fiction character and why?
I'm assuming I can't choose my own characters here, and if I say Dr. Beckett, Paul's going to start crying all over again, so I think I'll go with someone from Lost. I know there are some discrepancies on whether Lost is really a sci-fi show or not, but it's about people on a magical island that moves through the spacetime continuum, so something tells me I'm good. I'd say John Locke would be my very favorite, because of his faith, his mysticism, his wisdom, and that "I may be nuts enough to shoot you at some point" glint in his eye. Kind of like the look Paul's going to give me after he reads this blog.
2. Where do you get your quirky and sometimes misunderstood sense of humor from?
The credit for that one has to go to my dear old Dad. My dad looks like a cross between the Marlboro man, Jack Palance, and maybe the guy in Tales from the Crypt. As Dad would say, "Thank heck you got your mother's genes." He's one of the most hilarious people I know, and can pretty much reduce me to a helpless fit of hysterical laughter every time I talk to him. Case in point: on his birthday last year, I bought him a tequila shot. After shooting it back, I asked, "How was it, Dad?" He said, "Well, it put some lead in my pencil, but I got nobody to write to!" I mean, does he need his own show or what? I have the best dad in the world.
3. What's your favorite part of your craft vs. the hardest part?
First off, I don't know why, but that word "craft" drives me mental. It just sounds so uppity and pretentious and thespian-like. What I do is just a job, a really fun, really rewarding and wonderful job. I choose not to take it too seriously, and I also choose to separate it from my real life as much as possible, because I think that's important for maintaining your sanity as well as maintaining your ego in this business. Having said that, I'd say the hardest part is the in-between-jobs part, where you're looking for the next "right fit." It can be really daunting and exasperating, and sometimes downright boring. But the next part, which is my favorite part, is when you've found something to do that inspires you, and inspiring people to work with, and everything just comes together like magic. Those moments, when you're so creatively fulfilled you feel like bursting, are the best.
4. If you could play an actual person in a biopic, who would you choose and why?
Beyonce. 'Cuz we look alike.
5. What kind of mementos have you stolen I mean forgot to give back from the shows you've worked on?
Now, listen. I'm an honest kind of girl. I've only taken the things that have been so graciously given to me.... by other people that have stolen them. Like Nathan Fillion. (The irony that he's playing a guy who helps cops right now is not lost on me.) I had some lovely things from Firefly, such as my "Kaylee's Room" door sign, my hammock from the engine room, some Alliance money, and one pink bra I swear I forgot to give back to the wardrobe department. Most of these things have since been given away to charity auctions, except for the bra. Because that would be weird. And also because I can't find it, and I'm scared to look in Nathan's underwear drawer. Sadly, nothing came back with me from Stargate: Atlantis, except for Paul, who's still on the couch. He says hi.
Okay, I'm off! Thanks for the questions, as always! Until next time,
XO Jewel
Jewel Staite: Why Watching Serenity Makes Me Cry Like A Baby
(By Jewel Staite, Blastr, 13 January 2011)
HAPPY 2011!
I feel like I've been around the world and back since my last blog, living out of suitcases and switching climates more than I switch my Manolos! It's been a ca-razy holiday season, and before my tan fades away completely, let me tell you all about it.
We (that's me, husband aka Matty, and Teddy the cocker spaniel) left LA at the end of November for Sonoma valley wine country, which—wait for this newsflash—is one of my most favorite places in the world. We were there for the annual Sonoma Valley Holiday Open House, two wine-soaked fabulous days of visiting the local wineries and sampling their culinary treats. We laughed, we indulged, and we made some new friends, which ended with me playing a game of pool in a dive bar with a man dressed in a floor-length raccoon fur coat. If you're reading this, nice to meet you Jim! Or John. Or Sam.
Once we slept that off, we headed further north to home sweet home: Vancouver, British Columbia. We spent two jam-packed weeks seeing our family and friends, as well as taking care of Boring Life Stuff we enjoy putting off for most of the year, i.e. dentist and doctor check-ups, sorting through boxes in our storage locker of stuff we forget we own, the occasional humiliating meeting with our accountant where he tells me just how much I spend on retail, then back to the doctor ... But accomplish it all we did! Just in time for our trip to Maui.
Heavenly, beautiful Maui, where all the world's problems are solved. Or at least mine. I love this place more than I love shoes, more than I love tasting menus, more than I love most wines! When I was a baby, my grandparents managed a resort in Napili on Maui's west side, and we lived there for the first few years of my life. That little stretch of beach on Napili Bay saw a lot of my life's milestones: my christening, my first steps, and twenty years later, my wedding. Maui is imbedded in my being in every way. It's my one-stop shop for recharging my batteries at the end of the year, it's my kokomo, my end of the rainbow, and my happy thought.
Guys, I kinda like Maui.
Every day was spent doing yoga while watching the waves, snorkeling with sea turtles, barbequing lunch, having an afternoon swim, watching the humpback whales frolic on the horizon, having a nap, then heading out to watch the sunset. Oh yeah, and mai tais. Lots of mai tais. Or at least enough to partake in an inane conversation with your equally-mai-tai-loving friend about how to spell the word cutip. Or Q-tip. Or kewtip. In short, I had the very best time of my life. And, batteries charged, headed back to LA to take on the monster that is pilot season, so I can pay for all of these damn trips.
On to your questions, dear reader!
1. Do you prefer projects in sci-fi, or are you open to other projects i.e. drama, etc.? Awesome actress!
I swear that last sentence was part of the question. And to answer, I don't have a particular preference to any genre. The first thing I consider is the role: is it interesting? Have I done something like this before? Would this be a fun thing for me to do? Is Matthew Fox in it? I guess the reason why I tend to choose so many sci-fi-related projects is because they're fun to do, the roles are great, and I know I'm going to have a good time. But a lot of the work I've done in my career hasn't been sci-fi based, believe it or not. I've always chosen to do a job based on so many other reasons other than genre. Like who the caterers are, for instance.
2. What's one thing you've always wanted to do, but haven't had a chance?
Go to Bali. Write a book. Enter a room on horseback.
3. Best meal you've had in the past week?
The past week has been spent in a car with a dog and a husband en route via the I-5 highway to LA, so the most you're going to get out of that would be the pasta salad I had at Granzella's Inn off exit #5,874. But if we could stretch that to the last two weeks? I'd say the incredible chef's tasting that was prepared for us at Campagnolo in Vancouver. Crispy fried chickpeas with chili and mint, pork ragu with tagliatelle and pecorino, BC mussel risotto with saffron, Bianca pizza with mozzarella, potato and sage, red wine braised beef, fried cauliflower florets with bacon, and olive oil cake with roasted bosc pear. Go to Campagnolo. Run! Now!
4. Why do you "cry like a baby" (you tweeted that) when you watch Serenity? Regrets? Memories? Good tears or sad tears?
I don't really know why. Have you ever enjoyed something or someone so much that you just feel like bursting into tears? No? Just me? Great. I think it's a combination of being really proud, really grateful, and really frustrated at not being able to play that character or see those people all together on a regular basis anymore. I experienced so much joy and fulfillment and happiness while working on that show, and the movie was such a bittersweet experience, because it was like a final and proper good-bye. It makes me happy to watch it, and at the same time it sorta breaks my heart. Also: it's kind of a sad movie, guys. People die and stuff. Are you made of stone?!
5. What words of wisdom do you have for up and coming actors/actresses?
First thing I'm going to say is don't quit. Unless you're going out for my parts, in which case, this business is too hard and you'll never make it so you should quit now and go back to school. Seriously, though, quitting is the easiest option. And the suckiest. If acting is what you love and what makes you truly happy, then don't let anybody get in your way. Study with coaches, work hard, be on time, don't get discouraged, be humble enough to keep learning every day. And thank me in your Oscar speech.

Alright, seriously, I have stuff to do. This stack of Glamour magazines aren't going to read themselves.
Till next time,
XO Jewel
Jewel Staite: Stargate Stunts, My Favorite Superpower And More
(By Jewel Staite, Blastr, 05 November 2010)
Bonjour, dear Reader.
Yes, I know, it's been longer than a month. But I'm still on Parisian time! My mind is muddled with excess, having just lived on copious amounts of champagne and cheese, meats stewed in lusciously decadent sauce, chocolate soufflés and salted caramels, and more champagne to wash it all down. The fact that I'm still breathing is impressive after the whirlwind trip I just had. Also impressive? I can still do up my pants. While lying down.
We started off in Ghent, Belgium, for FACTS, an annual pop-culture extravaganza where we bumped in to some old friends (the hilarious Robert Picardo being one—j'adore!) and made some new ones (the lovely Kristanna Loken, and Pinhead himself, Doug Bradley, who is a lot better-looking than he is in that movie). We bonded like all actors do at these things and ended up capping the weekend off at an amazing restaurant on the river called Belga Queen, where we gorged ourselves on sea bass and shrimp croquettes and drank copious amounts of red wine. My apologies to the wait staff, who weren't having as good of a time as we were. And to Joos the waiter in particular, who my husband kept trying to hug. I told you to cut him off, Joos.
Next stop was Paris for some R&R, which turned into more gorging and feasting. Luckily Paris is great for strolling, and we walked for hours every day, exploring each arrondissement for the perfect café to sit and watch the world go by. Man, do you French people have this whole living well thing down! No one bats an eye at you for drinking champagne in the middle of the afternoon! If anything, they encourage it, with a little side of duck confit! (My Pilates instructor is crying right now at the last year of work I've totally destroyed.) I won't bore you with our culinary pleasures, but I will say that there was many a wine-fueled conversation on how to get our cocker spaniel shipped over to the City of Light so we never had to leave. Nothing's cuter than a cocker spaniel in a beret! When you're drunk!
But leave we did, for one of my favorite places in the world, London! Hallowhedon was happening that weekend, an all-things-Joss Halloween party, and I was fortunate enough to be invited. Once again, we ran into some old friends (Alan Tudyk, one of my very favorite people) and made some new ones (the beautiful Stephanie Romanov, the impossibly nice Anthony Stewart Head, and the devil himself, Robin Sachs, who made me laugh until I cried on an hourly basis). Every day was filled with Joss-themed events and parties, including a trivia game with crazy-hard questions even some of the biggest fans there couldn't answer. "What's on the poster in Badger's office?" Seriously?? That's like asking, "How many people has Inara slept with?" Um, insurmountable much??
Suffice to say, we had a fabulous time. Thank you to all who made the trip better than I could have ever imagined. My liver, however, hates your guts.  Okay, on to your questions, since you've been so patient:
#1: Dear Kaylee: Does it annoy you when people use your characters' names to address you?
First off, adorable! And nope, doesn't bother me at all. My favorite nickname, however, is Meryl Streep.
#2: What's the one question you've always wished someone would ask, but no one ever has ... and how would you answer it?
Question: "Hey Jewel! Any chance you could star in this hit show that's guaranteed to run for the next seven years?" Answer: "Is the Pope Catholic??"
#3: Did you do your own stunts as Elia the Wraith in Stargate: Atlantis?
Some, but not all. My first day of work on that show was the scene where Sheppard and I go toe-to-toe in the woods. We had to do this wrestling bit where I was on top of him (get your mind outta the gutter) and he's basically trying his best to kill me. On one of the last takes, my face somehow connected with his fist, and at the end of the day when they took the prosthetics off, I had a wicked little cut and a bruise under my eye. The next morning I was due to fly out to LA for a publicity photo shoot for Serenity, which was just about to come out. So for the entire shoot, I had a little black eye, courtesy of Joe Flanigan. I never told him about it, since he obviously isn't in the habit of punching girls in the face on purpose. But I never forgot it, either. Watch your back, Flani. Watch your back.
#4: Do you ever imagine yourself with a superpower?
Doesn't everybody? Mine would be the power to heal, which isn't all that funny or interesting. But I wouldn't go around telling everybody about it. Just the people I liked. My husband has this bizarre fantasy of having the power to produce bacon out of his pockets. Which may heal the world in itself, really. Plus, how cool would it be to be able to tell people I was married to Bacon Boy?
#5: What would be your dream role? Steel Magnolias? Sigourney Weaver kick ass? Sigourney Weaver goes Steel Magnolias then kicks ass?
Hmm. How many times do you think that guy's seen Alien? But to answer, I have a few, usually involving Johnny Depp in some capacity. Oh wait--you said dream ROLES!
Alright, enough outta me. Thanks for your questions, once again! Send them my way at for the next blog installment!  Until then, adieu.
Jewel Staite: How Firefly Should Have Ended, Dragon*Con And More
(By Jewel Staite, Blastr, 15 September 2010)93
Welcome to my Blastr blog #2! That's right, friends! Because all of you faithfully followed my online links and shameless plugs and so very loyally told all of your friends to read it too, this blog was a small success and they let me write another one! So where do we start??  Oh, I know. How about Dragon*Con?
So, let's just explain for those of you living under a rock/in a cave/in David Hewlett's house exactly what Dragon*Con is: If San Diego Comic Con is your handsome older brother with a Phd wearing a fancy suit and driving a Prius, Dragon*Con is your loud-mouthed sister who's dressed just a tad inappropriately and most likely coming off a bender in Vegas. My kinda girl. It's a wild and wonderful four-day pop culture extravaganza with thousands upon thousands of people ready to party down.
In costume. Or in chain mail. Or just body paint. This is the only place where you can find yourself in an impromptu stormtrooper "elevator party" (I've never been so afraid of an elevator breaking down in my life), walk into a secret Star Trek cast reunion (nerdgasm!), eat lunch next to zombies, have a conversation with "the keeper of the unicorns" (whatever you say, lady), and get prank-called by Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk in front of 2,000 people.  Suffice it to say, we had a blast, and a huge thank-you goes out to all of you who attended and made it one of the most memorable weekends I've ever had. Except a lot of it I can't remember, because some nut kept putting bottles of champagne at my Q&A podium. Can we keep doing that, please?? But I digress.  I vowed to answer your questions. And answer I shall!
#1: What is your most embarrassing acting-related moment?
And how right you are to assume I have one! Or several! However, because I'm a bit of a modest girl (I can hear the collective snorts across the internet), I'm much too proud to divulge every little detail of my most embarrassing moment. I will say it involved a rehearsal room full of actor dudes who were too infantile to save me from my embarrassment, and me wearing a tube top and not paying too much attention to how far south my top had fallen. I'm sure you can imagine what happened, and I will never live that boob down.
#2: Which wines go best with watching which one of your shows?
Excellent question, as this encourages the consumption of alcohol while watching my acting. I'd say a nice Zaca Mesa cuvee for "Firefly", a beautiful Perrier Jouet champagne for "Serenity", a lovely Joie: A Noble Blend from British Columbia for "Stargate: Atlantis", and a bottle of moonshine for "Mothman". Cheers!
#3: Do you consider yourself a good cook and, if so, what's your favorite dish to make?
Here's the thing: I'm a really good reader, and I'm great at following directions. Meaning if you give me enough time, I can cook an all right meal. However, I am a much, much better eater. Such a great eater in fact that sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't get paid for it. I've been known to throw myself at a croque madam, well up over a beautiful plate of pasta, and swoon at the sight of a cheese soufflé. I'm the type of person that makes lists of the restaurants I want to visit, in order of greatest to least-greatest. And if for some unconscionable reason the acting bug were to leave my being, I would become a professional food critic, just so I could eat and eat, all the live-long day. And my Pilates instructors would become even richer than they already are.
#4: And that quite happily leads us to.... How cranky is David Hewlett when he isn't fed?
Have you ever seen a mini-horse?  A couple hours drive from our house in LA is an actual mini-horse farm. These furry mini creatures spend their days frolicking in their pasture, nipping at each other's backsides and flipping their funny little hair do's around. (When we shared a house with Paul McGillion, I almost spent the $1500 just to put one in his bedroom when he was away for a weekend. I was going to call it Dr. Beckett.) They look cute and cuddly, but let me assure you: catch them at a bad time, and they're anything but. They sort of stick their little pot bellies out and wait for you to be stupid enough to get close so they can take a chunk out of your hand. David hungry = mini horse. (Let's hope he's eaten when he reads this.)
#5: How would YOU have wanted Firefly to end?
Well, I wouldn't have, now would I? But in my perfect imagination, it ends a little something like this: Nine glorious seasons later, Kaylee and Simon have had several beautiful brunette babies, a couple of which have turned out to be crazy geniuses like their Auntie River (Firefly: the Next Generation?), and one who mysteriously looks a lot like Matthew Fox, who became a regular cast member in season six. River has finally found her marbles and is now captaining her own ship with her loyal second-in-command, Jayne, who claims that River is the best captain he's ever known. Saffron is now their mercenary, and Jayne's lover. And because this is the future and vast discoveries have been made in the world of medicine, Jayne is pregnant with their first child. Inara and Mal finally profess their undying love for each other while Inara is, well, dying in his arms (something gruesome, lotsa blood), and Mal finally realizes that life is short. And promptly confesses his (other) undying love to Zoe. And she promptly punches him in the face.

Come on, somebody pick up that show for a second season already! We can come up with the budget! I've got 20 bucks in my pocket right now!  And that concludes blog #2. Be sure to send me your weird/wild/wonderful questions on Twitter to @jewelstaite for next time.
Until then, dear reader,
Xo Jewel
Jewel Staite Talks About Firefly Fights, Her Dream Role And More
(By Jewel Staite, Blastr, 16 August 2010)
Hello and welcome to my very first blog for Blastr! I'm absolutely thrilled to be blogging on this site, and even more thrilled that my ramblings will not have to be reduced to 140 characters or less!  However, as you know, we actors need constant inspiration, and so I called upon the creative minds of my Twitter followers ( if you want to join the dark side—and yes, that was a shameless plug, don't judge me) for some juicy questions to answer for my blog. And man, was I ever flooded with the juicy! Since my very first blog can't exactly be 50,000 words (nobody likes a rambler. Oh, wait....), I've only picked 10 to answer for now.  "Will there be a Serenity 2?" did not, sadly, make the list. Because I'm already asked that on a daily basis.  Shall we?
#1: What would be your dream job that a character of yours would have in a movie?
Superhero. I would even settle for Superhero Sidekick, as long as I got to beat up at least one bad guy. This qualifies as a job, right? How much do Superheroes get paid?
#2: Top five favorite albums, the ones you'd bring to a desert island?
This is, obviously, impossible to answer. So thanks a lot. But I would say that right now at this moment in time, the albums are as follows:
-Ingrid Michaelson: "Everybody"
-Robert Plant/Alison Krauss: "Raising Sand"
-Elbow: "The Seldom Seen Kid"
-Stanley Turrentine: "Never Let me Go"
-Amy Winehouse: "Back to Black" (remember what I said about the judging?)
#3: Will you be appearing on Stargate: Universe?
That's a great question. Did you hear that one, Syfy? Thoughts? I still have the same phone number, in case you were wondering how to reach me! Unless you want me in prosthetics, in which case, I'm super slammed. With, like, this blog. And stuff.
#4: What character that you've ever played has been the most opposite of you in real life?
The goth girl from Dead Like Me. I'm not a fan of the black vinyl and matching lipstick. I know that's coming as a shocking surprise to you all.
#5: You can invite five people to dinner, past, present, real, fictional, alive, or dead. Who'd it be?
Again, it's impossible to think of only five. And even more impossible to figure out the menu! But I'll try my best. Off the top of my head:
-Meryl Streep. And after dessert, I would lock her in my basement until she taught me everything she knew.
-Chef Thomas Keller, so he could do the cooking.
-Django Reinhardt, to provide the music.
-Conan O'Brien, to make us laugh.
-And Sawyer from Lost. Cuz he's hot.
#6: Would you rather be a murderer or a victim if you were offered a role on Capt. Tightpants' Castle?
Well, since the victim's usually dead by the first commercial break, I'm going with murderer. Or Castle's rival. Or his gardener. Does he have a garden? Just joking! I never miss an episode!
#7: Who do you think would win in a fight: Sheppard and Ronan, or Mal and Jayne?
Guys. Let's be real. Sheppard and Ronan are a great team and all, but Mal and Jayne fight dirty. They don't need P90s to win a fight. Plus, they have one heck of a backup team: a rifle-toting super-hot soldier in leather, a lethal holy man, and oh ya! River "the Terminator" Tam! I know I'm going to get flak for this, but I'm just being honest. If it were Teyla and Ronan, however.......
#8: If all the characters you've played got into a talent contest, who do you think would win?
I'm going to go with Dr. Keller. Fixing someone's brain kind of trumps all other talents, don't you think?
#9: Ever been asked to autograph a body part you've refused to?
I've been asked to autograph many a strange item, such as scythes, report cards, birth certificates, pictures of Kirsten Dunst (the resemblance is striking), stargates in every shape and size, pictures of Paul McGillion (again, we could be sisters), Jayne hats aplenty, and one boob. And I haven't refused anything yet. But Dragon*Con is coming up, so I may have to change my answer after that.
#10: Do you sometimes wish you could explore your dark side?
Do I ever! Playing the villain is So. Much. Fun. I've only played a couple in my career, and I'm itching to do it again! Especially if it's a superhero villain! I'm not going to drop this superhero thing any time soon. Better get used to it.

Thank you for all the great questions! And a double thank you for reading this, especially all the way to the end! I always appreciate yet another outlet for me to express my gratitude to the fans for their endless support and senses of humor. Who knows? Blastr may actually let me do this again sometime. Or not? :)
Until then,
Yours truly, and always hungry,


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