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Juliana Hatfield’s 2013 Album Project

Juliana Hatfield’s 2013 Album Project
(By Juliana Hatfield, 02 June 2013)
brand new album 2013: Hello! I am making a new album! You are invited!

You saved me. When I really needed your help, you made it possible for me to continue doing the work that I do. My compulsion to make songs and put them out into the world is stronger than ever and so I have so much gratitude to all of you who make it possible for me, still, after all this time.

This is my third Pledge Music project and I am optimistically jumping into it because I have been so encouraged by your energy and your generosity and your many ongoing kindnesses. I am excited to bring this new batch of songs to life. I am going to make a mostly (but not totally) acoustic album but I am not going to overthink or overproduce any performances. It will have the loose energy of, say, my album “Bed”, without all the distortion (but maybe with some) and with more prettiness.
I have found some interesting vintage stuff from my high school days (check out my varsity letter jacket) through the Blake Babies era up until now and also I have made a lot of paintings as I continue to work on my visual art ideas--the list of offerings is long and winding. Throughout this process, as I work on the new recordings, I will be sharing other music with you that you might not have ever heard before, music I have recently unearthed from my vast archives. And some prose writing.

Also, a percentage of whatever money is raised will be given to two animal shelters with which I have had direct experience--the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Massachusetts and Save a Sato in Puerto Rico. We donated money from my first PledgeMusic experience to them both but they still and always need donations to help keep them open and doing the wonderful work that I have seen them do, helping abused and abandoned animals heal and find loving homes, and helping to spay and neuter so that unwanted dogs and cats are not left to suffer and breed more suffering. So if/when you pay for anything here in my list of stuff, remember that part of it is going to a really good cause--you are helping innocent victims of neglect and poverty and hardship--you are making the world a better place.

Lastly, I apologize for having to add and to raise (since last time) some of the shipping rates--the US Postal Service has literally doubled--and more than doubled--some of the rates to countries outside of the U.S. :(


new album --ready, set, go! (19:01 02 June, 2013 )

Welcome to my new baby. It’s not done yet, but with your help, it will be fully formed and ready to leave home by the end of the summer.

I couldn't sleep last night. (06-03-2013)

I’m excited, but nervous, too. Now that this thing has launched-- and has been almost 80 percent funded, already, after less than one day (!)-- it’s really real and that means that I have to hunker down and get this album done, properly. It’s pressure but it’s a good kind of pressure. Without this push, I might never have gotten these songs together and finished, and I want to get these songs together and finished, so thank you for pushing me to do it. Last night/this morning at 3:30 a.m. as I lay on my back in my bed I was suddenly overwhelmed by emotion brought on by a very vivid memory of being 9 or 10 years old and lying on my back in bed at night in my childhood home, listening to music on a small transistor AM radio held to one ear with the volume low so it wouldn’t wake anyone in the house. I felt the memory of the feeling that I felt when a song I loved came on--an unexplainable depth of emotion that would come over me or into me like something shot from a needle, in a rush of bliss, or endorphins, or something. I didn’t know where it came from or why--these feelings, these rewards, seemed bigger and more complicated than a 9-year-old. Certain songs had a magical effect on me--music, or particular songs, seemed to hold all the answers , or THE answer, to the mysteries of the universe. I couldn’t have put it into words; couldn’t have even arranged this reaction to sounds into coherent thoughts--and I still can’t--but it was an incredibly powerful experience when it would happen, and I was addicted to it,,to listening to music in the hope that those magic songs would come on the radio and sweep me up into the heavens for those moments when the songs were playing. It was always a wonderful but private secret, kind of impossible to share. Last night I was back in that childhood room and I bawled my eyes out remembering it. Maybe it is because the house is for sale, because I have been moving all of my things out that I kept there from my childhood. Maybe it is because I hardly ever have that feeling anymore when I listen to the radio. But I do still have it once in a while! And I have the feeling when I listen back to songs of mine that have just come to life. I have figured out how to give myself the shot of bliss. It’s still a thrill, and still a private one. But by doing this sort of exchange here, something is being shared. My hope is that you sometimes have a blissful feeling when you listen to my music.



i am going to be going through some more of my vast collection of master tapes in the next couple of days so i might be putting a few more up for sale, depending on what i discover..

busy day today


but i will have more of an update for you tomorrow..thank you ever so much for bringing this to over 90% funded in such a short time! you are the keys that i am using to unlock the lock that opens the door to the songs’ completion..cheers to everyone.



i also wanted to tell you that “miles away”, the song that is streaming, was from the same songwriting session--with brian vander ark--that produced the song “table for one” which was released as an extra track on my “gold stars” album in 2002. brian and i also wrote a third song together, which i might play you at some point.

ELMBY (06-05-13)

hi, everyone..we are close to 100% funded!
i had to take a couple of days off from working on the new album to go to another studio to deal with investigating the piles of master tapes that i have in my possession and which have been sitting around for years gathering dust. it’s a time-consuming process but fun to go back through the years and memories. we’ve had to bake a few tapes but most are in surprisingly fine shape. i am going through and listening to tracks to see what kind of condition things are in..and rediscovering things i had forgotten about..and making rough mixes of things that i didn’t have copies of for listening. i am putting up here a rough/alternate mix we did really quickly yesterday of “everybody loves me but you” from the big day in,1993 (for australian radio)..i think some of you might have had a version of this .. it was recorded i just really write “recorded love”? i didn’t mean to (I meant to say “recorded live”) bu t it’s is recorded love..that’s exactly what it is.. anyway, it’s just dean and todd and me (the jh3), doing what was our thing at the time.. i sound like a little girl--especially when i talk. it’s so crazy and weird to hear it now..but i’m proud of it. we made a good noise.


look at this supercoolthing (06-05-13)

i do not have this in my possession (sorry, i can’t offer you any). i just wanted to show it to you.


new (old) stuff (06-06-13)

i am going to add a few more master tapes in a minute..possibly/probably more will be coming. also i am very excited to have found a cache of live shows (that were recorded by my excellent sound man, tom dube), at least one of which i am going to make available to you as a download here at some point in the not-too-distant future. it takes time to go through and listen to every bit of every show but i will keep going to find more than one full show that passes muster. also i am going to put together a compilation of live recordings from over the years--both solo and band.. so stay tuned.

more master tapes available now (06-06-13)

also here is this photo (by jonathan stark) in full --because i think clothes should sometimes be funny, especially if you are frowning/scowling

yeah!!  (06-06-13)

yay yippee hooray! we have reached 100% of our goal! i’m so happy..i will try and finish this album up so you can have it before the end of the summer at the latest. my personal recording goal for this weekend is to get all the bass done..(there’s not bass on every song but there is some bass). thank you a million times for supporting me so strongly.

lyrics people (06-07-13)

hello, my friends..i want to get started sending things out to if you have ordered handwritten lyrics, please send me a message telling me which song you would big rush but just keep in mind that i can start working on these as soon as i have the info..jh

re. people who pledged for lyrics  (06-07-13)

i meant that you can just send your lyrics choice here in one of these comments, if that makes sense. i read all of these so i can get your message this way.

bass-heavy revolution from 1994 (06-08-13)


in response to a comment about the miles away song (06-09-13)

my memory is notoriously bad but i think what happened was that brian maybe wrote the music and i wrote the lyrics (and title), or most of them, to the version that is streaming here--and then brian rewrote a set of lyrics and that is maybe the version on the verve pipe album--so i wouldn’t have been credited (and you can’t copyright a title--which is why i could name my new album sergeant pepper’s lonely hearts club band, or chinese democracy, or marquee moon,,,) ..and all is right with the world….

we just added a handful more of the handwritten lyrics option (06-09-13)

i hope you all are having a great sunday..the weather here in cambridge, massachusetts couldn’t be nicer..

"idols" avant acid mix  (06-11-13)

you should sit down before listening to this because it could mess with your equilibrium…also here is this:
and also i will be starting to send some of the stuff you bought out to you this week. and also some live show downloads will be made available soon--i will keep you posted.  happy tuesday, everyone..

attempting song post again (06-11-13)

the workspace is cluttered  (06-12-13)

but work is being done:  wrkspce.JPG

here's the demo of "tourist" (06-13-13)

not radically different from the “in exile deo” album version, but…scrappier..

here is the whole photo (06-13-13)

it may appear in this photo that i am not happy but what is really going on is that i am concentrating on listening to something  jhpledge3photo.jpg

live at Maxwell's (06-13-13)

In honor of the closing of the beloved rock club in Hoboken, I have just made available to you all a downloadable recording of some songs I played there in a 2005 show..13 songs.  I am hoping to also release to you a batch of live outtakes featuring some performances from 1993 and 1995..more on that soon

careful memories (06-13-13)

here is a thing i wrote when i was seventeen…slithy toves was my high school literary magazine…i hope you can read this okay---zoom in, maybe  cover.JPG    pg. 1.JPG  page 2&3.JPG

vulnerability  (06-16-13)

hello, sunday people. this is just an update to tell you that i am definitely more than halfway through the recording of the album. maybe even three-quarters done.. i am finding that a very deliberately low-fi aesthetic is serving me well, if a low-fi aesthetic can be deliberate. it might be more of a necessity, the low-fi-ness of it, since i am working with only 8-tracks and limited equipment. i like having a lot of boundaries and limitations--it forces one to be creative and to not overwork things into a state of bland overdone-ness.. to let things go before it might feel comfortable, but with faith and trust that the universe of musical creation is putting things in order without you(me) having to control it all. you might have noticed that i haven’t posted any video yet. this album sort of doesn’t feel like a video-posting sort of situation. it seems more private and interior..of course, you will be let into this private interior once the album is done and you listen to it…but i am not feeling like it would be a good thing to be getting you visually involved at this point. maybe it’s because i am recording low-fi,,i am feeling old-fashioned, like i want it to be like the olden days when there was so much more mystery and you sometimes didn’t even know what the people looked like and you definitely didn’t ever see them in a vulnerable position and for me, making music puts me in a vulnerable’s why performing in front of people is so complicated and sometimes difficult and frustrating (for me). and every time i post a video i am conscious of putting on a performance, even if it seems candid and off the cuff and not a big deal, i am fully and distractedly conscious of the camera’s recording presence and it takes something away--i am not giving all i should to what is being documented. i am trying to get inside these songs and getting there is a weird, wonderful, winding, time-consum ing process with no clear start or end points. it might be really boring to watch. i am wound-up, then i am serene, then i am agitated, then i am forgiving, then i am angry, then i am laughing, then i am crying, then i am confused, then i am in awe of what is happening. vulnerability in creativity is a great thing but i think vulnerability in terms of relating with other people is really overrated and i am not comfortable being vulnerable in front of other people. so. that is what i want to say today..and: i’ll put up some music soon.

did you know (06-18-13)

We were going to call the Blake Babies’ second album (“Nicely, Nicely” being the first album) “Beauville Caliente”. When we commissioned the original art/painting for the album cover, this was the title the artist was working with. The Blake Babies van--our first van, my first van--was a dark blue 1979 Chevy Beauville and I guess that was how I/we got the “beauville” in our heads. I don’t remember where the “caliente” came from. (We had some goofy/dada ideas back then; at some point the album was going to be named “A Faggot Is A Bunch Of Sticks” [really]. Also I had been a serious fan of The Police when in high school and maybe it was following their lead [“Outlandos D’Amour”, etc]). In my head the loose translation of this sort of French and Spanish amalgamation was “beautiful hot town”. Meaningless, really. I just liked the sound of it,,how it rolled off the tongue and t eeth: “beauville caliente”. So the artwork on the cover of what came to be titled “Earwig” is a depiction of some sort of beautiful, hot town..

only in the dark (06-19-13)

here’s a little ditty i whipped up a while back and recorded fast at home…not gonna be on the album--the subject matter is too common, too blah, too boring--(i feel like i’ve written this song a hundred times) and the whole thing, sonically and structually, is too darn perky ..i do like the bridge, though
only in the dark by Juliana Hatfield

"live nuggets from through the years..." (06-21-13)

this is admittedly not the greatest, most succinct, best-worded name for this thing but it is a new thing i am offering and it is up now in the list of things for you to pledge for, if you want---more live stuff..this batch is a motley assortment of band stuff (JH3) from 1993 and solo electric stuff from ’95 and solo acoustic stuff from last can buy it now (11 songs for 11 bucks!) and then download it here at pledge music on july 27th (same date the other live show--hoboken--will be made available for downloading)…track listing is in the list of things

more master reel tape mixes coming soon (06-25-13)

and also i’m going to soon let you hear another song you haven’t heard

"Heaven Tomorrow" (06-25-13)

This is an earlier version of the song “Until Tomorrow”, featuring some embarrassingly awkward lyrics that hadn’t yet found their footing. Clearly I was referencing Cheap Trick’s “Heaven Tonight” with the title..The song hadn’t found itself yet; it was grasping to become what it is
heaven tomorrow

more 1/2-inch reels of mixes are available now (06-26-13)

they’ve been posted in the list of things.
also, if you have pledged for handwritten lyrics, please let me known which lyrics you would like, if you haven’t already (i have made note of everyone who has already specified)..if you can’t add that info to your order, you can always put it in a comment or question.

i can't decide what to name this album (06-30-13)

here are some ideas i am having--possible album titles (feel free to weigh in on which you like best, although i guess it might be hard to know what makes sense when you haven’t heard any of the music) :

metaphors for loneliness
born lonely
find me gone
burning on fire
ill at ease
high heels in the sand
emotional moments

this is so great (07-01-13)

i just want to post it here because it pleases me that it exists..

also , i am taking into account all of your opinions about album titles..

i am working on the last three on them is mostly done--i am tweaking the lyrics..singing is one of the last tasks before mixing them

not sure how to make the link linkable but i am trying again…anyway you can always copy and paste it, right? it’s a great piece on my first album and its/my place in history

songs to order  (07-04-13)

i’ve added to the list two original commissioned songs. i’ve done this in the past and people seem to have been really happy with the results..i’ve only added two of them, as each one has to be built up from nonexistence…it isn’t something i can knock off really quickly (i put a lot into these and i can’t bang them out, factory-style.) but it has been very rewarding for me in the past so while i am offering these to you, it is also good for me myself to do them.

i'm working on the very last song for the album (07-06-13)

just trying to get the words’s a hard one. but once this one is done i can get the sequencing started and then put it all together

computer concert (07-08-13)

if you have signed on for the livestream performance (mine) in august, please feel free to let me know if there are particular songs you would like to hear me play..i can’t guarantee i will grant every request but i’m sure some of your ideas will be ones that i will not have thought of,,and your ideas might inspire me to re-learn some stuff i haven’t visited in a while.

here's the track listing for the new album (the titles of the songs) (07-11-13)

1. sleep
2. june 6th
3. spit in the wind
4. parking lots
5. dog on a chain
6. hurt me
7. tracks
8. push pin
9. or so they say
10. love is like the wind
11. never beg

last chance to get your name in the credits (07-11-13)

we are working on the artwork and so we are going to shut this option down pretty soon

the names in the credits/liner notes (07-12-13)

hi..some of you have noted exactly how you want your names to be notated on the album--thank you for letting me know….and if there is anyone else who wants a name written other than the way it is written in your order info that we see here at pledge music,,PLEASE let me know ASAP because otherwise your name will be written as it is in the pledge payment/order/address info…thanks

a few more little paintings (and a couple of mid-sized ones) (07-12-13)

we’ve added some more art on paper that i recently finished up

lyrics buyers (07-15-13)

hello to the people who bought handwritten lyrics--thank you to all of you who have told me which lyrics you’ve chosen--and most of you have told me--but there are still a few of you who have not.. so… please,,,if you could, ..if you haven’t, yet,,please let me know which lyrics you would like for me to immortalize with my penmanship

art slash! (07-18-13)

we’ve just slashed the prices of the four bigger investment art pieces by 25%! everything must go!! (here’s a detail of one of these very labor-intensive situations)

phone calls (07-20-13)

hello and happy saturday!
if you bought a phone call with me, you can email me at and if you want you can give me your phone number and a date and time for me to call you…i will let you know if the dates and times work for me but most likely i can accommodate you at your convenience. and we will chat!

the live stuff and album done and almost ready to go (07-29-13)

hello! long time no update..we have been working on the mastering of the new album and it is THIS close to being done--my fingers are crossed to get the download version of the album out to you THIS WEEK--but everything always seems to take longer than it seems it will take so maybe it will be next week but i am hoping this week..
and were all of you who pre-paid for the live download stuff able to access it starting on the 27th (two days ago)? i hope so

oops (07-29-13)

i have been reading your comments about the live downloads and i’m really sorry that there have been problems--everyone who ordered the live stuff was supposed to have gotten an email on the 27th telling you how/where to access the live song stuff. i had no idea until now that you were having trouble getting the music. i will try and talk to the people who are helping me do all this and see what is going on..and get it fixed

Hello from PledgeMusic, (08-02-13)

We're excited to announce that Juliana Hatfield has completed brand new album 2013 and it's available for download:  Wild Animals

Hello, everyone. The new album is ready to be heard! I am excited and nervous to set it free but it's time.. I call it "Wild Animals". It wouldn't have been possible without you. As of now, it is only available right here.

I am eternally grateful and so happy and lucky to be able to keep making my music for you. I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed assembling it in my little back room with the bird songs coming in through the windows.

Love, Juliana

the new album is available now in download form! (08-03-13)

(in case you may not have gotten the notification)..the CD version of the album is not ready yet, but it should be just a few weeks until they begin to be sent out to all of you who have ordered CDs..i sent out the digital music in advance because A) it was ready and i just didn’t see any reason to wait to give it to you right away ,,,and B) i wanted the people who are going to be watching my livestream performance (in one week) to be able to get familiar with the songs because i may play a couple/few of them..i hope you enjoy the album!

my computer concert (08-05-13)

hello, everyone..i just want to let those of you who are planning on viewing my livestream performance this saturday at 4 p.m. eastern (USA) time that you will be getting info via email by friday telling you the details of how to view…i have my fingers crossed that everything will make sense and will transmit..

computer concert tomorrow (08-09-13)

i am looking forward to playing for you tomorrow via livestream--i’m going to be doing a bunch of the songs from the list of songs i made from all the suggestions you gave me..i think it might be fun and interesting,..i’ve never really done anything like it, exactly. i am sorry that the performance is going to be so early for some of you in different hemispheres..(4 p.m. EDT). if you didn’t receive an email today about how to get to the show on your computer, please let us know in a comment or question here at the pledge music and we will try and sort it out

today's concert log-in info if you don't already have it (08-10-13)

i’m sorry that some of you haven’t been able to receive the emails telling you how to get into the livestream show this afternoon--if any of you has a problem still, please email matt at pledge music directly and he will help you..his address is:

i’ll see you in a little more than a couple of hours---those of you who are going to be watching

check your junk / spam files (08-10-13)

if you bought into the concert happening in an hour and a half and you still haven’t the info about how to log in and/or still haven’t emailed matt…the message might have been stopped and trapped in the spamjunk..this’ll be my last message before playing so i’ll see those of you (or, er, you’ll see me) soon…gonna play some songs soon

i guess there were some problems... (08-10-13)

…with the livestream performance and transmission so i feel i should offer anyone who was really disappointed a refund..just let us/me know (if you want a refund)..thanks

the CDs (the new album) are in production! (08-10-13)

as soon as they arrive we will start packing them up and shipping them out. also, thanks again to everyone who put up with the internet concert glitches today and thanks for your comments--it really means a lot to me to hear from you

Your exclusives from Juliana Hatfield have been shipped  (08-11-13)

Hello from PledgeMusic,

Juliana Hatfield has marked your pledge as shipped. This means that all physical items should have been shipped and any special events should have occurred, unless you’ve made some special arrangement with the artist to do them at a later date.  If your pledge has not been properly fulfilled or you do not receive your exclusives in the 7 days (or 30 days if it was an international shipment) please let us know on your pledge page and we’ll put you in contact with the artist who is responsible for all shipment.

hey, check out this other thing: (08-12-13)

it’s my project/album with matthew caws from nada surf that will be coming out in october--and it is fully funded already! (it’s coming out on barsuk records)--i just wanted to let you guys/gals know about it..and to let you know that “wild animals” is more of a secret between me and you all--i wanted it to be quiet and exclusive to my patrons (you!),,although of course it will be available for people --whoever wants it--to purchase outside of here..i’m glad and excited to have this thing with matthew caws coming up but i am equally as glad and excited to have and to have had this ongoing wild animals experience with you

happy sunday, everyone! (08-18-13)

all the lyrics for the new album are now up at my website (, if you are interested (in the “new album” section)..and the CDs will very soon be ready to start shipping out..trickling out, more likely…but slowly but surely..and now i have one more nag/reminder (well, actually, two): 1. please please please if you bought a phone call and we haven’t talked yet, tell me when you would like me to call you, and let me know the best number to call and 2. please please please if you bought handwritten lyrics and hav en’t yet told me which song you would like, it is now time to do it! thanks

in answer to a cover-art question (08-20-13)

the cover drawing is a deliberately sort of crude rendering, in pencil, by me, of a photograph..also the photo of me that you will find in the album package twice is by me--it’s a photo turned on its side

wildanimals (08-20-13)


the cover art (08-29-13)

hi, everyone. how are you? i hope you are all well. the CD’s are here and i am busy packing them up and shipping them out in batches..hopefully it won’t take too long to get them all out to you..and once that is done, then i will get all of the rest of the stuff sent out..also i want to let you know that we have added the drawing that i made for the album cover to the list of things that you can buy..there’s just the one drawing on paper, the only one i did, and in person it is slightly bigger and lighter and wider than how it ended up being tweaked/cropped/darkened/shrunken for the cover. i haven’t signed it yet but if someone buys it, i will of course sign it.  cover drawing.JPG

hello! long time no see! (09-12-13)

hi, friends. the new album is officially out now and i’ve mailed just about all of your CDs out, barring any stragglers who have just recently bought them here--those will go out as the orders come in..i will finish up the rest of the mailing of other things as soon as i can..i am so glad we could do this again--i mean i am so thankful you let me do this again, and you made it possible…when every last item has been sent, then i can tally up all the pledges and make my donations to the animal shelters..i’m very much looking forward to that. sending checks to the charities is the best feeling and such a nice cherry on the top of this whole process…i am not saying goodbye just yet..i will be back here to talk soon.

question (09-22-13)

hi, folks. i hope you are enjoying the end of september..and i hope you are enjoying “wild animals”..?!
i have sent most of you most of the things you ordered but there are a few people who need to tell me the answers to a few questions regarding their outstanding pledged-for things..i have emailed these people from the yeolderecords address and have not gotten responses so i would like to ask the few people who have pledged-for things (other than CDs) still unreceived--and who have not had any email contact with me yet--to please check your spam, possibly..? maybe my messages from the ye olde earthlink address are being blocked? or maybe the email addresses you gave us with your pledge orders are not current/correct? i am just looking in particular for one lyric-buyer and one phonecall-buyer and one song to order-buyer---please contact me (in response to my emails sent to the email addresses we have for you on file here at pledge music) so i can get you your specialties…and so we can finish up and so i can give some money to the animal shelters!! thanks ever so much. jh

hi! are you still here? here's a song!  (10-06-13)

here’s an instrumental version of “sleep” from “wild animals”. i have been working on some instrumental recordings and getting really into it..maybe i will make a no-lyrics record next time..if i did one pledge music thing a year, would that be too much? i really like doing this with you all..i get to be productive and i don’t have to promote myself out in the big bad world, which i don’t always love doing (promoting myself)..anyway, here it is…no words, just wounds..whoa--my finger slipped,,i meant to write: just sounds…wounds/sounds…kind of the same thing, i guess, in the end..pleasant dreams to all the sleepers tonight
sleep instr

the final update (i think) (10-25-13)

hello, everyone. now that this project has wrapped up, i am getting set to write checks for the northeast animal shelter and the save a sato shelter. i love this part. sending the donations makes me feel really happy. and i am so grateful to all of you for helping--helping both with supporting my music endeavors and also with supporting these animal shelters which do really good and necessary work. i miss my dog ozzy (who died three weeks ago from kidney disease) like crazy but i feel great about having given him a wonderful three years of life and love in my home. i originally found him as a stray on a pier in puerto rico and i brought him that day to the save a sato shelter where they cleaned him up and gave him care and then two weeks later sent him up to boston on a plane (with a bunch of other rescued dogs on their way to shelters in the northeast).
thanks again for being involved with my music. it would be difficult to keep doing it without your support.
maybe i’ll see some of you on my tour with the minor alps next month..



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